Clarity Copier’s #1 Independent distributors of digital copiers and printers in the UK

As a leading distributor, Clarity has the independence to be carefully selective in its choice of network available products for the integrated office, thereby enabling the client to achieve an overall imaging and printing solution.

High Quality

High Performance

Low Cost

Our in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry have contributed to the way in which carefully select our choice of network-ready products. Therefore, we can provide a dynamic imaging and printing solution for the integrated office and enable our client to achieve highly professional results.

Product selection is an essential part of our marketing strategy. We pride ourselves in maintaining consistency for selecting world class – brand leading products.

Our sales specialists ensure they remain acutely aware of the latest market changes; including financial and new product specifications. If you have a particular printing requirement, unique to make, model or term of contract, you can be sure that we have a working solution that can be tailored to your needs.