We sell and lease printers in Coventry and the surrounding areas

Printed documents have become indispensable. At the same time global competition forces businesses to become more cost-conscious and productivity focused – printers need to be streamlined and efficient.

Clarity Copiers Coventry and the surrounding areas. We have printers to suit every budget and level of output from refurbished printers to high output colour laser printers. Having a reliable printer that produces attractive, clear documents is vital to every business.

Affordable Desktop Solutions

Clarity offers a complete line of network capable printers for black and white documents, colour, or both, from desktop A4 printers to heavy-duty A3 workhorses. We also have a full range of printers from Sharp, Canon and Panasonic. Whether you want a new or refurbished printer, Clarity will find you the right piece of equipment.

Office Solutions

We supply a wide range of printers to cater for the small office to multisite, networked offices where efficiency, usability and ability to produce high-volumes are of paramount importance. Despite an impressive range of sophisticated functions, our printers are straightforward to install and maintain; and since Clarity are based locally, we’re never far if you need us.

High Output Solutions

Our office solutions can be tailored specifically to suit your needs. All our systems are installed by fully trained network engineers.